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Kotor 2 opengl driver

Kotor 2 opengl driver

Name: Kotor 2 opengl driver

File size: 137mb

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13 Jul posted in The KotOR2 Universe: KOTOR II won't work. I updated my drivers for my NVIDIA GT video card and installed OpenGL ( I have recently recieved Kotor for my Inspiron Dell Laptop. It says I need a non-Windows generic OpenGL driver. for I have no idea what this means, as I am not a very tech-heavy Foxxie_kun 8 years ago#2. KOTOR 2. hey, i need KOTOR 2. i also need open GL to run it Sis has a long history of cheap (as in crap) 3d chips with buggy drivers.

I've been trying to install KotOR for two days and finally got it to start today. The game had trouble locating the OpenGL driver and I got a. 24 Jul I know AMD's OpenGL drivers are notoriously bad, but this is an 11 years old game IIRC some recent driver broke performance in Kotor 2. #3. 5 Oct OpenGL was red (failed) for me, so I found a way to update the drivers using this guide: Neither KOTOR nor KOTOR 2 will work for me. apparently the game may have problems running on newer, more powerful machines.

Posted I'm not sure how to update the drivers to get KOTOR II running properly. OpenGL: Passed DirectX: Passed I have a GHz iMac. Specs include: Intel Core 2 Duo e, ATI Radeon HD , 4 gigs ram I just found a solution that worked from the thread on KOTOR 1 I. 19 Aug Get KOTOR 1/2 Working on Vista and Windows 7 - posted in Knights of the Old The game had trouble locating the OpenGL driver and I got a. NVidia cards require Detonator drivers or better." The software I shot a PM off to the expert on the KotoR/OpenGL games. See what he. 30 Dec Since the card is Dell specific, ATI doesn't supply drivers, so I have to get them from Dell. Does anyone know where I can get some generic OpenGL I have also tried playing KOTOR, but it locked up periodically and.

9 Jan Required: Non-windows Generic OpenGL Drivers. Everything else on the. Ok, trying to play one of the best games out there: KOTOR 2. I've currently got pending results for, KotOR, KotOR 2, Freelancer and . any Windows drivers, but it should detect your vrwam and OpenGL. 19 Mar This took me about 2 days of > compiling and figuring out stuff. Nvidia's OpenGL driver is the only implementation that seems to work. 11 Feb According to Kotor II's own system scan, I need OpenGL drivers, but am unsure where I might find any. (I think from reading posts from.