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Yonex Serial Number Check

Yonex Serial Number Check

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The 'O' in YONEX on counterfeit racquets is often wide and round, with a larger space inside the No.3 - Check the production numbers on the racquet cap. 9 May Yonex logo on racket's support cap is one the easiest thing to spot a fake racket. Every Yonex racket comes with a unique serial number. This serial number is not only painted/printed on the racket shaft, but it it is laser-engraved. The color of the racket's bottom cap must be of this green shade. 25 Apr Some fake rackets can be identified via their serial numbers. If you wonder if your racket is a fake, post them here so we can verify them for you.

15 Nov Serial Number Inquiry – You can also check the authenticity of the serial number on your racket by contacting Yonex Representatives or. 22 Jan In real life, the serial number thingy seems a bit complex or confusing e.g., one of my racquet has 32 (Cone code) before letters. Does it men. 21 Aug Yonex Racket Serial Number Check -> Yonex Racket Serial Number Check f64c4a4 serial number adobe premiere.

14 Mar label. step Key in code. step verify code & click check. Images of SUNRISE hologram pasted on Yonex and Mikasa products. Gameball. You can cross check the serial number in the yonex website; Call the customer care number and say the serial no., They will tell you whether. 8 Mar Yonex is using the laser technology to print the production number to the shaft. There are always two code printed (serial number and cone. 19 Jan Check Genuine Yonex Serial Number Average ratng: 4,9/5 votes. Hopefully Check the production numbers on the racquet cap. Does any one here know how to differentiate a genuine Yonex nowaday too many counterfeit but u can see different on serial number at cone, colour, quality No.3 Please check the production numbers on the racquet cap.

All genuine Yonex rackets have 2 sets of Laser-Etched serial number, one on the shaft, the other on the cone. Shaft (7 digits) - Example. This is a closeup of the serial numbers on a genuine Find your routing number, check number, account number on your personal checks., Skip to main. 30 May Hello everybody I just bought a nanospeed X on ebay. I know that the seller has good reputation, but could you please check the code of. 17 Aug Serial Code There should be two serial numbers on every Yonex racket, one on the shaft and the other on the cone. The one on the shaft is the.